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Professional consulting tailored for your company 

JNL Group AB works with some of Sweden’s biggest clients and have experience of both large companies, startups and everything in between. We know what needs your company have and will meet all of them.


Our Services

Some of our expertiese is listed below. However with a long experience within IT we can do a lot more. Let us know if you have something in mind and we will make it happen.

On-Site technicians

We have a long experience in the On-Site support field, and know what expectations to be met. Contact us to get a customized support experience, adapted to your organisation.



MDM Solutions

Manage your devices and keep track of who has what, to maintain the control of your assets. Have centralised control of the devices in your organisation. We can help you set up your MDM solution.


Are your company missing something? Maybe you are but you don’t know it yet? We can develop software and solutions to ease your work. Let us know if you have an idea or something to be solved.

Storage Solutions

Back up your data. We offer storage solutions adapted to your needs. Do you need a network connected storage solution that also backs the data up to an off-site server? We got you!

Microsoft Cloud Services

Are you already using online services from Microsoft? Great! We will help you get the most out of your subscription, optimising your resources and giving you the tools you need to make the best out of your company.

If you're not currently using services from Microsoft, we can help you to implement and build your environment adapted to your needs and requirements. Everything is hosted online! No datacenter needed!

MacOS integration and MDM

Apple devices are often seen as a headache and a hassle to integrate in a Windows environment and manage centrally. There’s a lot of tools for managing them but they require a lot of implementation and are never easy to set up. 

We help you evaluate your requirements based on the amount of devices and users, and they way you do your work. Then we help you to set it up and make it work. 

With great knowledge in scripting and application packaging, along with knowledge about clients and hosting, we can create a tailored environment for your needs.


Let’s Work Together

Need help with development or maintenance? Contact us!


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